Two Mulch Services

Andrew contacted me about upgrading his old site from an old MYOB-based website to one that was more mobile-friendly and got people to phone him straight away instead of people having to search for his phone number.

After a quick phone call, I was able to help him out:

  • We moved hosting from MYOB to a cheaper alternative (
  • We changed from a basic 2-page layout to a 3-page layout
  • We moved the phone number and email to a more prominent position, as well as having it accessible from any other page
  • We updated the Contact page, and updated all of the images on the website with nice new ones – thanks Bride Rose Photography!
  • We updated the SEO of the website (Search Engine Optimisation) so that Andrew had more control over the language on the site, and will bring his site further up in Google search results

The new website allows Andrew to:

  • Have a mobile-friendly website that show-cased what his business was about
  • Allow quick and easy updates of system and content to keep moving ahead in the web
  • Bring the website up in rankings in Google search and get found more often!

Check it out at !