Auckland Archery Club

The Auckland Archery Club has been a fixture of One Tree Hill domain for almost 80 years now, and in 2019 they decided to update their website.

They had originally moved with me to Openhost and installed WordPress, so it was relatively easy for me to take a backup of their site, and update it to a new template.

They wanted to update their content, images and theme, making it more relevant to their members and more mobile friendly. I created a draft website for them, where I installed a new theme, and updated all pages with existing content. Once that was done, I handed control over to the club’s webmaster and worked with him as they updated all content and images, and made sure that the website performed the functions as requested.

Once that was finalised, and approval had been given by the committee, I migrated the draft website back to their main URL and they were live with the new design!

Thanks Auckland Archery Club!

You can see their new site at

Check out the before and after below images!