The Grange Warkworth

The Grange Warkworth is a new shopping centre in Warkworth on the main road heading up north and down to Auckland. They needed a website to showcase their facilities, as well as providing a place for all their tenants to advertise. They needed it to be mobile friendly and easy to navigate for people trying to find details and contact them quickly.
After consultation with me, I built their website:
  • Hosted with Freeparking and constructed on a WordPress base, it allows flexibility of design and easy back-end updates
  • The site has the Grange branding and colours, and also a dedicated page for each of their tenants and their logos
  • There are pages for contact in multiple formats for multiple purposes, as well as a Google Map link and directions for those needing to find the centre while travelling
  • Centre information shows what facilities are on site
  • Upcoming Events shows local events in the area and the About page also links to what to do in Warkworth
  • I added SEO (search engine optimisation) onto each page and image for clearer search results
  • Images and content were tagged and indexed for Google to find them better
  • The menu and layout arranged to make it fast to find each shop for visitors

Check it out at !