Black Sheep Products

Lynley had been selling her beautiful wool products via Facebook and through word of mouth, but had been finding that the COVID-19 pandemic had limited her ability to sell, especially to crafters who wanted wool sent to them. She wanted an easy-to-use ecommerce website where people could order online.

After consultation, we decided with WordPress and Woocommerce, as it is easy to use, free to install and cheap to maintain, as well as offering all the benefits she wanted.

  • We went with a hosting plan with
  • I installed WordPress, with the e-commerce plugin “Woocommerce”
  • I set up a responsive e-commerce template for the exterior design of the website
  • I added all her initial products and templates that she could use, and gave her an online training session on how to edit products and orders
  • I set up the shipping costs and linked the site to her social media account

With guidance from me, Lynley was able to manage products and purchases and get some great results for her business.

Check it out at !