Maternity Care

Tony from LMC Services (Maternity Care) contacted me to ask me to help with his old website, as he felt it could do with a rebuild. He was concerned that the content was old, it did not serve his customers, and it wasn’t mobile friendly.
He wanted a website that was friendly to mobile and desktop customers, was quick to be found and was clear and easy to be understood.
After consultation with me, I helped with their website:
  • I added a new theme that allowed instant mobile responsiveness
  • I updated the site to suit their style and branding
  • I added SEO (search engine optimisation) onto each page and image for clearer search results
  • Content on the pages was updated, and images as well
  • The menu and layout was rearranged to make it more friendly for visitors, and for potential customers to find out about them faster
  • I installed Google analytics to track any changes on the website for future improvements
The new website design allowed Tony to:
  • Have a mobile-friendly website that show-cased what his business was about
  • Allow quick and easy updates of system and content to keep moving ahead in the web
  • Future-proof to know what his customers are searching for and landing on, so he can improve the website if necessary
  • Bring the website up in rankings in Google search and get found more often!

Check it out at!