Banks Contractors

Brandon at Banks Contractors had a Trade Me Services advert for a long time, but was looking for something more visible on the internet, as Google prioritises websites that have a mobile-friendly view. He saw and liked some of the work I’d done, and wanted something similar. So he called me, and purchased my New Brochure Website plan.

We found a design that worked for him, and immediately set about building a whole new website.

  • The site has four pages: home, about, services and contact
  • The site has contact form and Google Maps integration
  • Each service lists what he does and also links to several YouTube videos of him in action
  • His home page has a pop-up gallery of some of the projects he has been involved in
  • Everything is mobile-friendly and has the latest SEO updates to keep him visible on the web
  • And we set up a new email service for him

Check it out at !