TLC Appeal NZ

Tony contacted me through a friend. He needed a website put together for a charity, and while one had been started on by another person, it needed to be finished.
Tony needed the website to fit in with the aesthetic of the other website in the same charity organisation ( He already had hosting set up with Wix, and wanted to stay there.
After consultation with me, I helped him create the website:
  • We set up a layout that was fresh and clean, yet was very similar to the website in the UK
  • Tony gave all the content (images and text) and we put them into the website for him
  • We linked the website up with his PayPal account for donations, and checked to make sure that donations were working as expected
  • We added information about the charity and links to contact them as well as links out to the other supporting organisations
  • We made sure the mobile site was working as expected to match the main website
The new website allowed Tony to:
  • Update his own information and update the website as required
  • Have a mobile-friendly website that accepted donations for the charity
  • Linked up with PayPal and the charity bank account
  • Allow quick and easy updates of content
  • Wix does all the maintenance of the website


Check it out at!