Red Rococo

Katherine contacted me through Facebook to ask me to help create her a website, because she was too busy setting up her new store and said she was a “self-confessed technophobe”. She just wanted someone to come in and get her a website nice and quickly so she could concentrate on her business.
She wanted a website that was showed her services, and allowed people to contact her, with the possibility of the website becoming an e-commerce site in the future.
After consultation with me, I helped her create her website:
  • She had bought her domain already, so we linked those up with her hosting account
  • We went with a hosting plan with Crazy Domains
  • We installed WordPress with a mobile-friendly template that has an e-commerce element that could be activated at any time
  • We linked her custom URL with the new website
  • We added SEO (Search-Engine Optimisation) keywords and data
  • We added her services with images to show the different areas she can cater for
  • We added links to contact her and a Google Map to show where her shop was
The new website allowed Katherine to:
  • Have a mobile-friendly website that shows her services
  • Allows people to get in touch with her about her flowers
  • Allow quick and easy updates of system and content to keep moving ahead in the web


Check it out at!