Education Angels

Education Angels had a website already, but they felt the design needed a refresh and the feel needed an update. They contacted me to ask if I could help them update the site and include some of the new features they were keen to see, as well as getting the site really optimized for mobile. They wanted more control of their site and wanted to add more pages anytime they needed them.

After consultation with me, I helped them update their website:

  • I changed their hosting to align with their domain registrar for ease of background use
  • I installed WordPress and purchased a responsive template for the exterior design of the website
  • I linked their custom URL with the new website
  • I updated their design and gave them contact forms that were able to be sent off to alternate addresses depending on which location was chosen
  • With guidance from me, Education Angels is now able to input the content they wished onto the website and update their own SEO (search-engine optimization) such as keywords.
  • I also linked their MailChimp account to their website for easy signups from to their mailing list

The new website allows Education Angels to:

  • Update their own text and blog anytime they want
  • Have a mobile-friendly website that allows a direct link to phone and text on a mobile
  • Control their own SEO, social media links and imagery
  • Allow quick and easy updates of system and content to keep moving ahead in the web

Check it out at!