Dopey Dog Laser Engraving

Dopey Dog

Erin contacted me through a networking event on Facebook and mentioned that she wanted to update their old website and get a new one that was more mobile friendly. She was using a hosting provider she wasn’t very keen on, and wanted to change that also. After some consultation, we decided on going with hosting […]

TLC Appeal NZ

TLC Appeal NZ

Tony contacted me through a friend. He needed a website put together for a charity, and while one had been started on by another person, it needed to be finished. Tony needed the website to fit in with the aesthetic of the other website in the same charity organisation ( He already had hosting […]

2 Mulch Services

Two Mulch Services

Andrew contacted me about upgrading his old site from an old MYOB-based website to one that was more mobile-friendly and got people to phone him straight away instead of people having to search for his phone number. After a quick phone call, I was able to help him out: We moved hosting from MYOB to […]

Bay Portable Storage

Sjouk contacted me to ask me to help with her old website, as she felt it could do with a facelift. She was also concerned about being so low in Google Rankings, and asked if I could spend some time on SEO (search-engine optimisation) on her website. She wanted a website that was friendly to […]

Red Rococo

Katherine contacted me through Facebook to ask me to help create her a website, because she was too busy setting up her new store and said she was a “self-confessed technophobe”. She just wanted someone to come in and get her a website nice and quickly so she could concentrate on her business. She wanted […]


Emma from bohzali¬†approached me, asking if she was able to get some help finishing her own e-commerce website. She had already created a Shopify site, but needed some help putting it together and finalising the settings. Emma wanted to have an e-commerce website that was easy to edit and maintain, linked up with PayPal so […]

Nutrition HeadQuarters

Michelle contacted me to ask me to help create her a website, based on some templates that she’d found on the web and liked. She had some experience with website building before, but didn’t have the time as she was too busy setting up the business. She wanted a website that was clean and fresh, […]

Frankie and Co

Tara from frankie and co approached me, asking if she was able to get some help building her own e-commerce website. Tara said she had some experience with editing sites, but wasn’t sure which platform to use and what would be the best way to set it all up for her business. Tara wanted to […]

Auckland Archery Club

The Auckland Archery Club has been a fixture of One Tree Hill domain for almost 80 years now, and it was in 2014 that they decided to update their website. After consultation with me, they: Switched their hosting to Openhost to a much cheaper account Installed WordPress and linked up their email system Chose a […]